Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sue and me

"So, Sue", I said: "Don't be thinking about it, all day, you have a seeking soul, like me." "O Johnny, she wispered, can't you take me with you?" I told her:"No princess, where I go is no place for a beauty like you."
"O Johnny" she tried one more time, with her lips touching the skin of my ear. But before she could close her arms around my neck I had already left the car with the engine still running, the lights on and the doors open wide. She is on her own, with fuel enough to take her home, to heal her wounds and find her wings of hopes and dreams again. For me, time don't stop, the gates I'll pass will speed up consiousness and energy itself. Thoughts will manifest without interruption, a knife is a knife, and a pencil is a pencil. So is a warrior a warrior. I have seen the horizon of this new world infront of me and it is far from paradise for what I can tell.
Sue wil be allright, she will forget me as soon as she has a good meal, a shower and a night rest. And I promise the day she finds herself in the dark seeking for salvation, I'll be that star for her shining, framed in the silver blue sky of her universe.


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